St. Anthony of Padua Church, Parish Hall Events/Rental

St. Anthony, MO 65486

Contact:  Donna Dickneite @ 573-694-5550
The following rental rates are effective as of March 2022.


Weddings                                                   Parishioners               Non-Parishioners

                                                                       $300                              $600

(For weddings this includes the rehearsal dinner, reception dinner, and dance.) Use of the big cooler is optional.  The parish does not provide any services for the dance. The Parish Hall and grounds cannot be rented for non-Catholic religious ceremonies.

                EVENT                                   Parishioners                             Non-Parishioners
Dances                                        $200                                          $400
One Day Rental                           $150                                          $300
Showers/Birthday Party              $  50                                          $100
Pavilion Rental                            $  50                                          $100
Prices include use of the outside restrooms.


  • A $200 deposit is required in advance for all rentals.  It will be returned when the hall is properly cleaned.
  • Two rental agreement forms must be signed in advance. You keep one and the Parish Council keeps one. Forms         are available in the back of St. Anthony church.
  • The big cooler must be cleaned after its use and turned off.  
  • The parish is not responsible for any loss or spoilage in the cooler.
  • Any activity outside parish activities must furnish law.  
  • For approval of use of the hall for any activities other than those listed above, contact your Donna or any                Parish Council Member.
  • The parish will lend only the old heavy tables & chairs and to parishioners.  (Ask Donna)
  • Persons renting the hall and/or other parish facilities may be liable for any damage done to parish property             while renting its facilities.
  • “Renter” is person actually hosting the event for themselves or a person from the parish.
  • For an event where there will be alcohol present, the renter may want to purchase personal liability insurance         coverage.  
If you have any questions concerning any of the above, contact Donna Dickneite or any Parish Council Member. We appreciate your cooperation!
Thank You, 
St. Anthony Parish Council
Jacob Kliethermes, President
Julie Dye, Secretary
Donna Dickneite
Ronnie Holtmeyer
Billy Joe Buechter
Sandy Wieberg